Book Review: Notes From The Underground by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Book Review: Notes From The Underground by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Usually almost every piece of writing by Dostoyevsky has so many moody and irritating moments and characters in them , and this novel is no exception. The book is the diaries of a man living in an underground room talking about how his life were years before.

He is a moody man changing his attitudes momentarily towards the other characters. 

From the very beginning the man talks about how he dislikes the society and writers of that era of that russian society, and in this we can clearly see Dostoyevsky’s perspective towards the russian society of that time.

While reading the book sometimes I just wanted to put it down without ever picking it up again. And when I finished it I decided not to read any Dostoyevsky’s works for at least six months , it’s not a long novel yet very mentally tiring. 

The underground man acts stupid somethings, maybe arrogant or even unbelievably naive but he certainly resembles some decisions by each of us. Sometimes we decide to follow people who has no respect . Sometimes we invite people to our shadows then later we realize the sun is burning us above them and we regret ever having them .

So yes Notes From The Underground was one of the most irritating and tiring books I’ve read so far, yet in a way I enjoyed it. And yes I had a special joy reading it.

I would go with 3/5


Wonder Woman : Movie Review

Wonder Woman : Movie Review

Wonder Woman is a 2017 movie directed by Patty Jenkins and starring Gal Gadot as Diana (Wonder Woman), Chris Pine as Steve Trevor and David Thewlis as Sir Patrick(Ares) .

The basic story starts from the childhood of Diana who is a goddes from the Amazons which is a land that contains only women and no men. she is well trained to be a warrior (the best actually) and one day she sees a man in the water surrounding their islands , even though she is told to leave him alone but she saves him and then their land gets discovered by an army which are chasing the mentioned man who is Steve Trevor. A spy among the german army working with the British government and he discovered that the Germans are working on a weapon of mass destruction which is a hydrogen based gas . And Diana who always thought of a fight with Ares(God of war[check greek mythology ]) thinks she has to go with him because this war is Ares’s work and she has to stop him.

This was the first hour of the movie it was a very slow introduction of both worlds amd everyone’s positions in the war . And then action starts with Diana coming to the real world of WWI and she companies Steve in his mission to create a squad to stop the Germans even though the officials tell them not to interfere. Except for Sir Patrick who privately supports them to go on. Which Diana later discovers that Ares is not among the Germans and the man who she kills thinking it’s him is not actually Ares. In fact Ares is Sir Patrick and they start fighting in one side and having a deep conversation about human nature on the other side. And in the same time Trevor decides on a suicide mission to fly the plane contains the gas and then destroy it on air.

Diana who is having some feelings with Steve is loosing the fight against Ares until she realizes that Steve has done it and he’s dead . Which angers her and she starts fighting with all her might and eventually kills Ares.

Points to talk about:

  • The movie starts with a very feminine beginning and later things heat upbut the introduction is so slow yet the action is so fast which neither one should be the way they are. The introduction needed some more details but less time and the ending was surprisingly sudden.
  • The way of communication or transportation between the Amazons and our world is not clear for example if people can just go in or out of the amazons how are they kept isolated for all those years? And if not then how did Steve Trevor ended up on their beach and how did he get out with Diana?
  • Diana’s surprise for seeing so mainstream things is not really normal . She’s a goddess who knows so many languages yet doesn’t know what kind of clothes she’s trying on and thinks she’s going to fight in a dress?
  • When they get in action that’s when things get a bit better for me as a story .but not so much for cinematography and graphics.
  • In the last fight between her and Ares . I kind of liked that fight specially with it including the conversation about whether humans deserve a help or not . If they deserve to be saved or not and the ending when Diana says humans have both bad and good in them and it’s their own decision what to choose.
  • I loved the tragic ending with captain Trevor and the sacrifice he took for the rest of the humans. I never saw that coming.
  • Even though the movie is nearly two and a half hours . Yet everything is going so fast . Yes I understand there’s too much to cover in that time but still. Things just pop up from nowhere.

Conclusion: In comparison to the latest DC works. I’m not surprised by what I saw and I never expected much better to be honest. The main question is , can DC impress us in their next works? Honestly I doubt it. 

For me the movie deserved somewhere near 6/10 because I know it could’ve been much better.

Spiderman Homecoming: Movie Review

Spiderman Homecoming: Movie Review

Spiderman – Homecoming is a 2017 Action,Adventure and Sci-fi movie directed by Jon Watts and starring Tom Holland as Peter Parker(Spiderman), Michael Keaton as Adrian Toomes(Vulture) and Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark (Iron Man).The movie is about the starting point for Peter Parker to become Spiderman which in difference with the older versions this is a highly technologically advanced and developed Spiderman , starting from the suit and all the weapons Parker could use against his enemies.

In the movie Parker tells everyone that he has an internship in Stark enterprises but in reality he has a training time to become Spiderman with helps from Tony Stark and his assistant to prepare him for fighting crimes and the plan is to start with very small daily things but he end up fighting against a gang lead by the Vulture and their crime is selling illegal weapons. And as it happens , Vulture turns out to be the father Parker’s crush which puts him in some awkward situations.

This Peter Parker likes adventures and he thinks he has more than what Stark thinks of him which leads to him doing what Stark told him not to do.

The movie is nice and quite simple and it’s funny to a certain point. In that scene when Spiderman tries to save the ship it felt like a remake of the train scene from Spiderman 2 (2004) . 

There were some sort of announcements like the new Avengers building and the ending with a line (Spiderman will return: be moved) all of these made the movie just a window to a new generation of Marvels movies (at least for me) 

With these being counted. I don’t think it can take more than 6/10

Book review: The Papalagi by Tuiavii di tiavea

Book review: The Papalagi by Tuiavii di tiavea

Papalagi is the words of Tuiavii di tiavea collected and made into book by Erich Scheurmann who is the leader of southern islands of Samoa, Papalagi means the white man and in his word Tuiavii describes the european lifestyle of white men and how it’s one of the worst lifestyles compared to the simple lives of samoan people.

He previously travelled to Europe, he saw their life from a close point so he knows what he is telling his villagers.

He talks about how busy european life is , how european people are always out of time . How their machinary life made them into senseless robots more than humans.

I personally agree with most of his points but not all of them . He talks against concrete buildings and how they are only boxes white men built and call it house but it’s more like boundaries and lifeless jails.

He talks about cars , boats and airplanes, how their fast and quick travellings made humans feel like having less time . 

He hates over-organizations that papalagies or white men have in their life.

He hates newspapers because they cause humans run out of topics to discuss.

He hates books because they’re ideas bound in a box .

He is against the idea of over-clothing because he thinks every one has the right to see the opposite sex’s body before choosing their life partner, he doesn’t agree that showing skin and body is a sin , because he thinks breasts are no different than hands and legs and so on…

He is against the idea of time tracking, it simply makes people run out of time sooner ! He even is against knowing your own birthday!

So all these combined Tuiavii is a conservative person who thinks every human made development is evil and against the will of God or the holy spirit as he calls it in some occasions.

I agree human developments are not always helpful, they made life feel less like life but being such a conservative won’t help too ! Living a simple primate-like life is never possible because developing is a response for human needs , and whenever humans needed a better way of life they had to either invent or develop sometimes even to evolute their lifestyles.

Movie review: Fences

Movie review: Fences

Fences , a movie about a working father in the 1950s and his connections with his family , the movie is directed by Denzel Washington, starring Denzel Washington as Troy Maxson , Viola Davis as his wife Rose Maxson , Jovan Adepo and Russel Hornsby as Cory and Lyons who are Troy’s sons  and some other amazing actors.

The movie is set in the 1950s , so to give it some old time feeling mostly the main color seen in the movie is Brown ,it’s an adaptation of a play written by August Wilson so it’s filming locations are too few only a house and it’s backyards as the main location and some little seconds of Troy’s workplace and a bar .

Troy is a father of two sons who seems to be very happy with his family in the first place but later he shows how bossy and tough he is , he refuses to buy a TV as his son suggests , he rejects the offer his s n gets for joining a football team because on a hand he wants his son to get a job and on the other hand he is afraid of him being better in sports than how he was (he refuses to admit it but he is concerned about it) , and also makes a very big deal of lending his son 10$s even a bigger one when his son wants to pay it back.

the man is always in a deep thinking, he feels guilty because he used the money that the government gave to his brother who is having mental issues because of a war , to buy a house , also he feels guilty because he cheated on his wife and now there as a daughter coming from the other woman , who dies during the birthing process.

Troy wants stability even though he is the one creating the chaos, he wants a better life when he is the one destroying the life’s of his surroundings , he doesn’t have a cheerful character and he certainly won’t be loved by the viewer, I personally wanted to punch him in the middle of the movie.

He wants to build a fence as his wife asked him , but he never finishes it . Even when it becomes his own goal to build the fence , he dies before doing so. For me the fence resembles boundaries that keeps families together but how can a man who is the reason to break the family a parat build a fence which his wife wanted him to build to keep them together?

the way Denzel Washington acts in the movie and how he directed it is amazing .

But What really made me love the movie are two other characters , Viola Davis’s Rose and Mykelti Williamson’s Gabriel(Troy’s brother with mental issues) , Rose is the wife who loved her husband so much that she never suspected him to be cheating, and when she knows about it she refuses to talk to her husband again but she opens her arms to the baby who comes from another woman, from a woman who her husband had an affair with ,she raises the child as if she was hers , Viola Davis certainly did her best to show what her character really means , no wonder she won an Oscar for it.

And Mykelti’s Gabriel , a soldier ho got shot in the war and is having mental issues , Mykelti’s plays the role in a way to show all the innocence of a man not totally aware of his surroundings , he believes to be the Angel Gabriel , his acting is beautiful and amazing without him the movie would be really boring.

Book review: Disordered World by Amin Maalouf

Book review: Disordered World by Amin Maalouf

Some books are just read and passed by but some other ones need a moment of pause or a second thought, before reading Disordered World I had already read his other book Samarkand which is a novel speaking of a historic era in the times of The Assasins , it was a great novel and really deserved every single second i spent reading it , so when I saw Disordered World and saw the author I didn’t need to think , immediately I grabbed it and started reading it.

Disordered World is a book of three parts and an afterword , in the first part Maalouf talks mostly about wars and disorders created by the American government and how it caused all the chaos specially in Iraq, and later in the second part talks about arabic leaders and how they gain their legitimacy and how they ruined their legitimacy, then later in the third part he comes to generally talk about moral and human crisis , then in the afterwords he makes a summary about the whole book and his expectations for a brighter or a darker future.

In this review I want to stop by some points Maalouf makes during the book , so I will quote what he says in the book then talk about it here.

Firstly in the preface of the English edition there’s a line “A man prepared to die for a cause becomes a powerful weapon”, this is a very bold statement, and a very true one, this has a psychological view for humans , in which a person trying for a goal is not likely to be stopped , but that goal needs to be a cause or a reason powerful enough to die for , such as religious beliefs or nationality or any other cause.

In the first chapter of the first part he says “In one way or another, all the people on earth are in the same storm. Rich or poor, arrogant or downtrodden, occupiers or occupied, they are – we are – all aboard the same fragile raft and we are all going down together. Yet we go on insulting and quarrelling with each other, without heeding the rising tide.” Throughout the book Maalouf repeatedly mentions how humans are all in the same ship , specially in the last chapter in how morally we need to get together, but he knows too well that getting together is not that easy task “Teaching people to live together is a long struggle which is never completely won.” He knows too well that humans aren’t that simple animal which only knows survival, because only knowing survival and the way to achieve it is way simpler than surviving and also living all of it up to the highest levels , which mostly can be achieved by rivalries and antagonism.

In the first part even though he mentions the American-made disaster in Middle East, but he doesn’t hesitate to mention how arabs themselves contributed in this process, he says “when a Sunni militant gets behind the wheel of a truck packed with explosives and detonates it in a marketplace full of Shia families and this mass murder is called ‘resistance’, and its perpetrator a hero or martyr by certain fanatical clerics, there is no point in blaming others;” this is true, Iraqis lived in peace under the ruling of a dictator for over thirty years, yet when they have gotten their ‘freedom’ they realized that they can get hands on power , and they thought of only one way to achieve power, religion . Which later caused all the disasters happened in iraq , sunnies and shiites never had a better chance in becoming the powerful side till the fall of saddam and to gain that power they never hesitated to try getting rid of each other or at least weaken each other to become the successor of a powerful and steady government which fell only after American attacks.

Later , he talks about how the international community views Iraqis as a nation not worthy of democracy or they don’t want democracy,he says “Every time the Iraqis have had the chance to vote, they have flocked in their millions, even at the risk of their lives. Is there any other people on earth who would have queued outside polling stations in the certain knowledge that there would be suicide and car bombs? These are the people who we are told did not want democracy. This is repeated in the papers and in debates on the radio and on TV, and almost no one takes the time to examine it critically.” This is simple enough, the Iraqis opened their arms for democracy so widely they were ready to die for it, they believed in democracy specially they believed in leaders who used democracy but never applied it , it’s not their mistake that religious militias and terrorists are doing their best to oppose the western way of ruling, the Iraqis accepted democracy yet their leaders never give the hope of dictatorship up.

“A child can tell the difference between an adoptive mother and a stepmother. A people can tell the difference between liberators and occupiers.” This is Maaloufs view on the American excuse for invading Iraq , he like many of us thinks that America never meant actually liberating Iraq, their intentions might not be exactly clear but it’s obvious enough that both economic and territorial needs were the main reasons attacking Iraq.

There’s so many other points to stop by but the last one I’ll mention will be this question he asks “Does that mean that humanity progressed materially but not morally” this question comes after many points he talk about regarding human development in technology, medicine and many other aspects of life , but again we need to ask have we progressed morally? Did we get any moral development throughout all the years we lived in? Have we in any ways considered to look at another human being morally not materially? 

Summary: the book is amazing, one should never think twice to decide if one should read it or not , I absolutely recommend it (4/5)

The persecution and assassination of Jean Paul Marat (Marat/Sade) by Peter Weiss

The persecution and assassination of Jean Paul Marat (Marat/Sade) by Peter Weiss

The persecution and assassination of Jean Paul Marat is a play written by Peter Weiss , it shows a group of mental patients making a play about the last days of Jean Paul Marat and how he gets murdered, I first watched this play performed by “Ba theater group” in 2016 and I liked it so much that I Went to see it again !
The main aspect of the play is showing the philosophical arguments between Jean Paul Marat and Marquis De Sade about Revolution,death , nature , existence,sex and some other matters.

One other aspect is the romance between two characters that they already know it’s fate.
The play has a three level base , on one level Peter Weiss wrote a play which in second level has some patients acting as historic characters which is the third level

And we see reactions from all three levels at the same time , we see the revolutionary hearts (third level), the anti-revolutionary heads of post revolution(second level) and the anti-modernism of Peter Weiss (first level) 
There’s a question which cannot be avoided, why mental patients? Do they represent the fact that every different thinkingggg are considered mentally ill? Do they show the reality of mentally tired society of the Marat/Sade situation of the French society after revolution? Or they are to show how none of the French society was totally free and of responsibility to what they do and don’t? Or is it just another anti-modernism by Peter Weiss to show how mental patients and different thinking are tried to be of some sort of jailed? 

One of the characters (Corday) is the one to kill Marat , but Peter Weiss chose a patient who has sleeping problem, only wakes up when she has something to say or someone to kill , in my view she is she can be the people , those who believe in the last war or a war to end all wars , as she thinking if she killed Marat she on one hand took revenge and on the other hand ends the massacre which took place by Marat’s orders , she takes a knife and stabs a man , no feelings no second considerations , a young girl from Caen knows she will die if she killed Marat , yet she does kill Marat is she really the same as the people of the corrupt French society? Who would turn their beloved ones in just to keep themselves safe.
A really important point to focus on is Sade’s argument about death , he thinks death is simply overrated, and that death just like birth is a part of a cycle , he thinks if we wipe out the entire human race nature would give no importance to it , he believes that death is nothing but a man going into another phase of natural cycle .

Then later he talks about murder , he thinks murders before the revolution were better , he says that murders with torture had a more touching view, he hates the modern murders in which a person dies in a blink of an eye , this gives us the perspective that he only feels alive through feeling the human flesh , which he later admits “this is the world of bodies”. He wants Corday to hit him as hard as she can , he wants to feel the pain , he wants to see his own blood so he can feel alive , he wants to feel everything as a physical object only to feel alive about it.

Throughout the play there’s a general hatred towards humans , almost all the characters hate the animal side of humans and they never hesitate to show that hatred, Sade thinks humans are dishonest animals , Marat thinks humans are animals to be tamed and so on..this animal view of humans makes the play more realistic for it’s time-set , as in post-revolution times humans specially in France, were nothing but barbaric animals , killing, betraying, eating and having sex.

Even both main characters Marat and Sade, they both desire violence in different ways for different reasons.

Marat wants violence to end the previous ruling system and to tame the people also to keep the revolution safe from betrayal.

But Sade wants violence to feel alive , he wants pain , blood , torture and sex only to feel the humans flesh getting ripped off and sliced and burned.

These violent desiring characters always show only one common point of view , they all know that “these violent delights have violent endings” , Marat knows he will get killed , Corday knows she will get beheaded , Sade knows one day he will no longer feel the human flesh as an object to feel alive.

One thing not to forget is the musical parts of the play , the songs and the chorus are speaking really emotional, they defend Marat when he’s attacked , they ask for their rights when they feel oppressed, they say what the normal society feels when talking about the new leaders and how corrupt they are , the songs are true emotions of the lower classes of people , they are what every oppressed French person had felt after revolution.
There’s one part when they’re in the National Assembly, the people are randomly speaking “down with Marat” “down with Robspierre” “down with Danton” and so on.. They show how diverse the French society was at that time , also how people are driven by speeches and talks of the leaders as some of them change their opinions, how people are unstable and changed every time a leader speaks to them.
In the play there’s a certain mocking of “future” which means the present time for Peter Weiss but the future for the characters, Weiss talks about his time in a way to warn the characters of what’s waiting to humans later on , he wrote the play in the post World War II times and he saw the nuclear bombings , tanks and guns , so he made one of the characters say “there will be weapons which will kill thousands of you together ” this shows how Weiss hates the modern military actions , how he hates human activities in the modern era , but he also brings people like Voltaire into the play making fun of what science got to in the 20th century, which shows that no matter who the people are , they will always see future as a joke before actually getting to future.
Overall a really amazing play and beautifully set , one of the best plays I ever watched and read.